Optiway Food Intolerance Test Kit


Optiway is a Food Intolerance Test that tests a full menu of 222 different types of food. This is a simple way to test which foods are suitable for you and which you are intolerant to.

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Download the full list of 222 foods tested.

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What is Food Intolerance?

Food Intolerance occurs when a person has difficulty digesting a particular food, and as a result has an adverse physiological response to that particular food. The mechanism by which this occurs and subsequent symptoms experienced, are very specific to the individual and the type of food in question. Identifying the specific reactive mechanism triggered by the ingestion of this food is vital to understanding the management and implementation of appropriate dietary interventions to limit potentially adverse symptoms.

Symptoms include nausea, bloating and diarrhoea, migraines, eczema, skin rashes, fatigue, joint pain, bloating, IBS, diarrhoea,  sinusitis, anxiety, constipation, acne or depression. Once the cause of the intolerance is identified, diet modification is the main treatment. After doing an OptiWay Test, you will receive a colour coded report with foods listed in three groups: red (to avoid), yellow (to eat in moderation) and green (to eat liberally).

Food Intolerances or food sensitivities should not be confused with food allergies, although the terms are commonly used interchangeably in error.

What are the benefits of food intolerance tests?

Up to 45% of the population suffer from intolerances which, whilst not life threatening, can have a negative impact on many aspects of daily life.

Doing a Food Intolerance Test takes the guesswork out of what is causing those irritating symptoms. The personalized OptiWay report that you receive with your ideal food choices neatly categorized into red (to avoid), yellow (to eat in moderation) and green (to eat liberally) will help you to optimise your eating plan and eliminate the foods that your body does not enjoy. This way, you can ensure that you diet works for you and not against you.

This can also help to improve your overall fitness performance by providing your body with the nutrients and foods that it really needs.

It can be stressful to constantly experience symptoms after eating, not knowing the cause. It is not good for your mental wellbeing to fear developing these symptoms every time you sit down for a meal.

The OptiWay Test will help reduce this stress by empowering you to make the appropriate changes to your diet and live your healthiest life. The OptiWay Test is accurate and fast. Depending on when your sample is received, results are made available within a short period of time, personalized to you. You will find out exactly where the problem lies, and how to avoid it.

Planning what you eat can go a long way to ensuring your future healthy lifestyle.

Managing Food intolerances

Once you have done the Optiway Test, you will receive the Optiway Food Intolerance Support Guide that will empower you to:

  • Eat according to your body’s needs
  • Remove or reduce the most reactive foods from your diet
  • Substitute foods you are intolerant to with similar alternatives that will be more comfortable to your digestive system
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Avoid nutrients deficiencies when eliminating reactive food
  • Reintroduce certain foods responsibly

*Price excludes feedback consultation and courier costs.